God as a Weapon

Do not use your talk of God
as a weapon. Self-rigorousness
is a sharp blade. When your talk
of God makes me feel guilty,
the word becomes poison. Be
careful that you do not drink
from this cup.


  1. Reblogged this on Nina's Garden and commented:
    that is a double edged sword

    the weapon-god that divides between the righteous and those who will fall under the sword

    is not the same god of the word spread by the followers to those who will fall under it’s sway

    but for those of us who accept neither of these gods, they are indistinguishable
    and subjective in a manner
    that only makes sense to the kinds of followers

    who internally bicker over who is the true believer of the one true one

    when, in reality, there have been 10s of thousands of gods and goddesses and demi beings and animal spirits and blended mystical creatures that have been equally believed with the same force and sincerity – to the point of human sacrifices of enemies and village children or young adults in the peak reproductive years

    placating the volcano
    bringing harvest and fertility

    the gods are vampires
    be it blood or brains

    better to donate blood to save lives
    and use your brains to not needlessly spill blood

    if you claim your beliefs are about love
    then let blood be circulated by a pounding heart
    and not spilled in hate or anger or righteousness


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