Who’s Best?


Our poverty is such that
even beggars feel embarrassed
for us. Who is our guide that
leads us to such emptiness?

Spiritual arrogance impoverishes
the soul. It turns sour the
wine of life. It is a messenger
of lies, a path full of thorns.

Let go of this ides that
your spirituality surpasses
another. The very thought of
superiority casts you into
the pit of pride. Put on the
robe of humility. Know that you
fool only yourself.


  1. I have never understood my spiritual friends who assert themselves
    as “more spiritual than thou”

    it does seem to defeat the whole purpose


  2. jaya jaya Jaganatha!
    ode on the mandala of consciousness
    dear Lord of the Universe,
    may all beings be free and happy!
    guide us into Love
    the LIght of awakening


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