Well of Goodness

Only the pure comes out
of the Well of Goodness.
The sweetest water pours
forth, a single drop can
transmute dark to light.

Drink deeply from this
well, my friend, fill your
jug with its healing flow.
Go forth and offer this water
to all you meet for your jug
will remain full forever.

Pour this balm in polluted
streams, food laced with
sludge of our enemies,
sprinkle drops on fields
farmed dry, left to die in a
cauldron of chemicals
man has strewn.

Offer this blessed water
to all who are sick, sad,
filled with despair, fill your
own cup each day so that
you maintain your goodness, too.

“What is the Well of Goodness,”
you ask, “that it works such
magical charms?” It is the well of
unconditional love that our Creator
has put into the hearts of each
of us. It’s waters last through all time.

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5 Responses to Well of Goodness

  1. thisisunique says:

    I absolutely love every single poem of yours, they are amazing! 🙂



  2. the symbolism of the well and bucket are so intent. We can all drink of the refreshing water of life.


  3. Nina says:

    Reblogged this on Living Well.


  4. rachel says:

    an offering overflowing with grace, divine wisdom. Let us drink and share the Goodness until we’re all free. thank you so much for this beautiful blessing tonight. love!


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