Not Your Friend

best friend

Be wary of he
who is always on your side
for he is the one
who keeps you down.
He forgives you
for anything
defends you
to yourself
understands your outrages
failings and faults
allows you to continue
your unacceptable ways
loyal forever
into the slime
of your own making

Beware of a friend
who does not love you
enough to tell you
the truth
to help you grow
in love and light

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4 Responses to Not Your Friend

  1. sanora1 says:

    Yes, true. Few of our friends will tell it like it is! By the way Pat,…

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  2. deliasmushrooms says:

    Quite right Pat; occasionally though we do have friends who care enough to say something; and usually that will be worthy of change.

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