Your Enemy

Your enemy is a mirror
of your dark side.
Look at his greed, envy,
inability to forgive, jealously,
and know that you have those
same feelings at times. Thank
your enemy for reminding
you to guard against these traits.
Send him love and pray for his peace–
for his very soul.


    • Thanks, Jingle. I have a very hard time thinking of someone as an enemy but evil does exist in the world and there are people who do harm others. Still, we can learn from each experience and always work from a position of love. Thanks for the visit and comments! hugs, pat


    • Yes, Jaan, it is too easy to just put the blame on the other person. I have a very hard time thinking that I have an enemy. It somehow makes me feel that I have failed, i.e., I should have been more loving, more patient, etc. But there are indeed people who wish us harm and it sometimes reaches the point when one must consider this and distance ourselves from them. But since all of life consists of lessons, we can learn from our “enemies,” and then we should pray for them as well. Thanks for your visit and thoughtful words. hugs, pat


  1. Hi Pat,

    I agree with Mouli. If we cannot forgive and pray for their dark side which is our dark side then we cannot truly find the Light as we cannot forgive ourselves.



  2. Wow! Powerful reminder of what we don’t always want to see. I’m going to be thinking of these words all day!
    I love how you ended on a note of peace and acceptance.
    Stopping by from Potlock Poetry


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