Seven Deadly Sins–Wrath

There is no wrath like a
woman scorned. It is an
interesting saying when
one considers the violence
committed by men. How is
it that we women are reputed
to win the dubious honor of
ultimate wrath? Yet there is
a truth to this adage, for
women can be single minded and
sly when provoked or scorned.
Such a woman does not play by the
rules; ultimate castration being
her goal. She is a treacherous
enemy when her gentle nature has been
abandoned for she relentlessly
stalks her prey.

Wrath is indeed a deadly sin for it
destroys our compassion, leaving
us heartless and cruel. Each of
us must guard against wrath, which
goes beyond simple anger into the
world of Darkness and destruction.

Call for the Light. Ask for help in
forgiving before it is too late, before
you are consumed by the poison of wrath.


  1. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    Truthfully, I don’t beleive in sin, deadly or otherwise

    I think that sin is just a means by which, society makes you feel bad
    about perfectly natural emotions and impulses

    but, with the proper philosophical and ethical understanding

    we call ALL choose to NOT KILL any day

    Less Wrong



  2. I just don’t relate to wrath at all

    but, this reminds me of an article that I read, years ago

    it was about a survey of 1000 men and 1000 women

    and the question was – what do you fear most from the opposite sex?

    and the answers were astonishing in their cognitive dissonance.

    Men’s #1 answer – She will laugh at me

    Women’s #1 answer – He will kill me


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