Seven Deadly Sins–Jealously

I am not a possession,
not your dog, your car,
your “woman.” Your
jealously pushes me
away, and causes you to
sicken. It robs you of
your joy for life and
is killing my love for you.

Jealously is not love;
it is fear. What if the
other person does not
love me any more? It is
about not loving yourself.
It consumes, destroys,
becomes a self-fulfilling
prophesy. Beware of your
jealously for it robs you
of the very thing you are
afraid of losing. Go
within to understand, to
change this poison to
pure love energy. And
so it is. Amen.


  1. Hi Pat, words which ring loud and clear, and are so very true. ones which I relate too whole-heartedly… Blessings sent your way…
    Love your posts.. but dont always get to comment… But I do read them.. ~Sue


    • Hi, Sue, always glad to see you here. Jealousy is such a common problem but so insidious and fatal. I expect all of us have had to deal with it at one time or another…our own or another’s. Thanks for your presence here. hugs, pat


      • Always love your reads Pat, I get them in a digest once a week.. and love to read when nice and quiet … Admire your works and words…. Wish there were a few more million like you… and thats the truth! … I saw Jealousy destroy my parents, and Ive been subject to it in various forms throughout my life.. Being brought up in that environment I see it where others do not always recognise it… And your words Pat hit home… Love and Blessings back ~Sue x


    • Ah, not I, but Source is the inspiration for these poems, but thank you for being here and I am happy you find inspiration here. Glad you left me a link so I could visit you. Hugs, pat


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