Tidbit of Truth #22

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2 Responses to Tidbit of Truth #22

  1. Because we adults un-learn all the magic along the way and become jaded and cynical..


    • Pat Cegan says:

      I agree, then add to this that our culture, especially in the Western World, does everything possible to keep us from believing in the power of our imagination. It is not just a lovely phrase that we create our realities. We have so much more power than what we are taught to believe. Yet our minds are dulled by absurd educational systems, television and movies that show the world as violent so that our fear keeps us shackled, harsh pounding music that freezes the mind, chemicals in our food and water, etc., the list is endless. But that quiet inner voice will guide us through this maze of madness and we will evolve into the power light beings that we are if we are willing to be silent, go within, and learn. Thank you, for your faithful visits and always thoughtful comments. hugs, pat


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