Steps of Life #8

The Steps of Life poems are based on the 12 Step programs.

Step #8: We made a list of all the persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.



Careless Wrongs

How often we hurt others
with careless disregard.
We get so wrapped up
in our own desires
that we fail to consider
how one’s actions can
hurt another.

An unintentional wrong
is still a wrong that we
must make right.
Clear your life of
wrongs of your past.
Ask for forgiveness,
starting with yourself first!


There are those to whom
we ask forgiveness,
who refuse to grant us pardon.
Instead they heap blame on us
for every pain they could not solve.
They seek to make us their scapegoat,
and turn us away with cold hearts.

Be at peace for you have done
your part. We can not change
another, and must lovingly
accept where they are today.

Perhaps reconciliation
will come later, but it may not.
Either way, we must
continue our journey
on the path of love and light.

Loneliness of Shame

Oh, the loneliness of shame and guilt
we impose on ourselves at times.
We feel alone even with others;
self-hatred builds walls,
and keeps us from believing
in the love others have for us.

To accept forgiveness from others,
we must first forgive ourselves.
Do not judge and punish yourself
so harshly. Let go of guilt and shame.
With God’s love in your heart,
you can start anew,
a life filled with peace forever more.

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