Steps of Life #7 –Self-Destructive Behavior


The first step to change
is admitting there is a problem.
We must stop doing that which
is self-destructive.
How often we sabatoge
ourselves, knowing well what we do:
procrastinate, act without thinking,
over indulge in eating, become addicted to
work, alcohol, smoking, etc.
become lazy, lack self-discipline.
Our self-destructive behaviours
wreck havoc in our lives.

Steadfastness and humility
can move us from lives squandered,
to a path of peacefulness and joy.
We must put our pride away.
Ask for help to change.
Our Creator wants to see
us leading love-filled lives.
We need only ask to receive.


These Steps of Life are adaptations from the 12 Step programs.

Step #7–Humbly ask God to remove our short comings.

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9 Responses to Steps of Life #7 –Self-Destructive Behavior

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  2. Ryan says:

    Self sabotage. Keeping people mediocre or worse for centuries! Nice work.


  3. queenofislam59 says:

    This poem is a great reminder! Loved it!


  4. I love how the words were out there, and such a true fact that us humans need to remember, thank you for sharing your thoughts
    Kiara 🙂


  5. bwcarey says:

    i went on a bit of a wild ride over the weekend. nothing bad, but i dallied on the edge as they say, stuck my head far enough over to see but didn’t fall over, your words are such a timely reminder, thanks, i’ll stop after my fourth guinness next time! but remember one thing, the demons appear at night, that’s their comfort zone, so sometimes you need to risk as they say, sometimes


  6. anna mosca says:

    often something as easy, yet paramount, as to start being thankful, grateful for the very few things we all have to say thank you for, is a major help. it gives us new eyes and new strength inside. we too often see and think only the negative and that helps us only to dig a deeper hole under our feet. thank you for posting this step!


  7. Sam says:

    Being caught in a self destructive pattern of life is so common nowadays…I have some and yes they need to go…


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