Steps of Life #3



Our trust has been broken
lies, deceptions, uncaring actions
leave us wary and bruised.
One may forgive a betrayal,
but mending trust is much harder.

I choose to no longer be a victim
discernment is the key.
With each situation and person,
I must ask my guiding voice
to help me sense
what is false and true.

God has said, “I will never fail you.
I will never forsake you.”*
So I put my trust in that One
whom I know
is my beacon
of Light and Love
for all eternity.

*Hebrews 13:5

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to choose
brings with it
the burden of the
consequences of our choices.
Free will comes with a price;
a blessing and a responsibility.

Sometimes our choices
are based on other’s demands,
not what we know is best for us,
squandering God’s gift to man.

Choose wisely, my friend,
go within and ask
for guidance,
then act with firmness,
knowing with certainty
that the Divine
gives us free will,
but stands ready
to help us use our choices
for the highest good of all.


The message of truth
lies not in heaven above,
neither across vast seas,
nor on soaring mountain tops.
Truth is in your heart,
waiting only for you
to call it yours.


Control is the great illusion,
yet it is a common theme.
We grasp, hoard false power,
manipulate, sell our souls,
and, in the end,
have nothing of lasting value;
all slips away with time.

I give up trying to control others;
its useless and painful to persist.
I turn to my Creator,
and gratefully rest
beneath the shelter of God’s wings,
and fly to the Source of Serenity.

Step 3–We made a decision to turn our will and our life over to the care of God. From The 12 Steps program.


  1. Pat,
    I wrote a blog post today and mentioned your blog, blog bio, and the comment you made on Amazon about my novel. King Solomon and a Jungle Made My Dream Come True.

    I hope you do not mind. If so, please contact me and I will delete the post.

    Regards and good will blogging


    • I love your write up and was delighted when I learned that this review made you so happy. The book was delightful and I have recommended it to some friends, who like me, love to read and share good books. hugs, pat


  2. Goosebumps all over… I really love these, Pat. So timely, these words and thoughts you bring to me. Thank you for sharing!!!


    • Well spoken, ram. For me, creativity is a direct link to the Divine, and as you say, always a source of serenity. When I create in poetry, music, photograpy, stories for sleepy childern in my lap, making bread while listening to birds sing at my window, etc., all is prayer to me. Each time I am aware of our Creator, I am in prayer. I never stop praying, not because I am good, but because I need that Source of Source. Thank you for always reading my poems and helping us see another view of them. A lovely gift you leave each time. hugs, pat


      • dear and divine Pat Cagen ….. worship of work prepares the food and taste come from prayers….. creativity is worship of work and prayers together….. be creative …..breath to breath… happiness is fragrance of creativity…… life is a journey of creative enlightenment and available to all in all conditions….and your life reflects creative enlightenment….
        love all..


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