Tonight I Howl

Tonight I think I will howl,
release from deep within
a cry of forlorn, joining my brothers
who lift their snouts to the moon and
wail their sadness and longing.

I will howl for all who fail
to see the beauty that surrounds them,
howl for those dying of hunger
while others spend money to lose weight,
howl at the indifference, often
more deadly than hate.

I will howl because my voice
longs to merge with others in a
song of sweet surrender to who
we are and who we are becoming, a
howl that celebrates life. Amen!



  1. Moving Pat! To feel empathy with those who have less is truly to know how fortunate we are and to be saddened at those who have so much and give so little to others is also another truth that we all need to see that creates so much misery in the world. Deeply touching words. Thank You!


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