Steps of Life #2


The reality of God
lies in us all;
our hearts hold
this knowledge
waiting for us
to surrender, to grow
tired of struggling alone.

Beaten down, we grow humble,
long for serenity
we have never known.
Finally we cry out the words
that easily open the door,
“Oh, Lord, please help me!”
Then peace is ours forever more.


Step 2–We came to believe that a Power greater
than ourselves can restore us to sanity

The 12 Steps are not just for people with addictions, but hold much wisdom for us all. I first learned about them after my mother died and I needed to work through some issues of my past.


  1. We are NEVER alone … we are constantly watched over, and have “centurians” standing post – watching and protecting … “in case” … until we realize all we need to do is ask … Creator is the constant – we are the ones who mobile to and fro … always best to move TO …


    • True, Becca. I once said, “God, why did you abandon me?” He said, “I was always with you. Did you ask for help.” And, of course, I did not. How can we continue to suffer and not remember to ask…amazes me! Thanks for your insights, as always, Rebecca.


  2. dear and divine….. for a child it is the one step only….. eleven steps are for God…. ask for help….. God will come running… child and mother…
    love all…


    • Yes, it always amazes me how quickly I get a response when I ask for help. And how long I am willing to struggle until I remember to ask for help. lol
      Thank you for visiting and adding to our wisdom. hugs, pat


      • dear and divine…… mother is woman but woman is not mother…motherhood is creating a mirror for own….. child is our mirror……so is enlightenment…… it is the flowering of soul to give birth to God……. God is a happening……so destination is near…always be natural outside and neutral inside… all…


    • God is a happening

      So right you are, Ram. I feel this when I step aside and let God manifest through me. I am present observing quietly as this Divine Force creates through and with me. How perfect to say that God is a happening. Thank you, as always for adding another layer. Hugs, pat


  3. And now that I went back to step 1, I am here reading step 2 for the second time.
    …our hearts hold this knowledge…


    • Are you familiar with the Steps and slogans of the 12 Step programs. They are so simple and so wise. It really took me a while to understand how much they had to offer. At first, I thought the slogans were just rhetoric, but One Day at a Time, I now know, for example, is the only way one CAN live. The rest is a waste of time and often painful. Thanks for visiting, Sara. Hugs, pat


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