Rising Feminine Energy

Cosmic cycles are no accident.
God’s clock is perfect. The
feminine energy is rising in
women and in men, bringing
forth an unprecedented time
of harmony, peace, sharing, and
love, as we awaken to the knowing
that We Are One.

The feminine energy, suppressed
for generations, is that which is
creative, intuitive, nurturing,
tender, surrendering–the part
of us that “knows” without
explanation; its roots reach deep
into our soul. Feminine energy
allows us to “Be,” unlike
masculine energy, which pushes us
to “Do.” A balance is sorely
needed to be all that we are meant
to be.

Consider carefully how you can bring
balance to your masculine and feminine
energies. Become One with All, creating
harmony and love.


    • Interesting that you think your feminine side needs to be in balance. You are so creative that I would have thought it was the opposite…or that you are in balance. Hugs, pat


  1. Beautiful imagery on this one, Pat. I honor all that is mean both femal and male. Human beings are complex and the depth of that is a gift we all should never take for granite. Thank You!


    • It is true, Renee. We must honor all parts of ourselves and others. We are beautiful co-creators with our Supreme Creator, made in the image of Divine. Hugs, pat


    • Yes, a good shake once in a while is going to happen…and good that it does. We all need balance in our lives and in our selves. Thanks for your visit, David. Hugs, pat


  2. We are all a combination of masculine and feminine energy, though in some it’s way out of balance–and that’s how we got John Wayne!

    Seriously, though, if I balance more with my feminine side…will I lose my hairy chest?

    (Okay, I lied–that was not “seriously” at all. Seriously, though, I’m enjoying your work immensely,)


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