God in Darkness

God exists in darkness,
not the darkness of evil,
but the nights of the soul
when we can not feel
the Presence of God.

Can we keep faith
when filled with despair,
without hope or relief
from the pain?

Can we open our eyes
to the beauty of God
in those who suffer:

Does God exist
in the gutter drunk
the glassy eyed addict
the person contemplating suicide?

Yes, even in our darkest nights
God exists
for us to call out
even in despair and  loneliness.

We need only ask
and then live
as if He spoke
the words we
long to hear.

With time and faith
we do hear
and the love
that was always there
fills us with Light
that banishes our darkness.

Then we are at peace
knowing we are One
with our Creator


  1. Yes Pat,

    God does exist.. It becomes very tough to keep up the faith but have experienced myself HE stands with you if you work hard enough.. Beautiful flowing composition MyD.. 🙂

    Once you get awakened which is not as tough, you do get filled with light all around- darkness leaves.. very well done. Loved the subject and the treatment.. 🙂

    Loads of Love MyD xoxox


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