Someone Else’s Dream

You hate your life
while some dream of
having a life like yours.

How blessed you are.
How blind you are to the
many blessing you have. You
whine, complain, take to your
bed with treasured illnesses.

You were born into wealth, fine
education, travel, season’s
tickets to the symphony,
the finest of all. Yet you are
miserable, deliciously “depressed,”
running to doctors, therapists,
religions, hoping someone will
give meaning to your life.

You are old now, not much time left.
Embrace gratitude, reach out to others
with compassion. See your life as it
really is, abundant and blessed.


  1. Wow. first the picture grabbed and made me think about my selfishness and lack of gratitude. Secondly, I realized that I take so many things for granted : my health and that of my family, love of family and friends, my home, my job, etc. This was a very good post and i thank you.


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