False Virtue

False virtue, beware
self-deception is a trap
be true to yourself


    • Good question and well worth asking. What it means to me could be very different from what it means to you. It can also change with time as we understand to a greater depth. Keep asking these questions until it no longer matters and you want to come play in the sandbox with me. 🙂 hugs, pat


  1. I like your questions. My question was not expressing my disapproval, far from it, I wholly like it and approve of it. Neither was it because of playfulness, argumentative, or just stirring the pot.
    My “why” is in earnest as I think it to be very fundamental and important.

    So I again ask you Why?


    • Each morning I sit for about an hour and half and write these poems as they flow through my pen. I am not the Source but, like the readers, a learner, a seeker. I find that when I have a sincere question, it sometimes helps to ask the question and sit quietly with the expectation and hope that the question will be clarified. If it is not, and I am really interested, I keep asking for clarity until it comes. We each must find our own answers to these kinds of questions as we all have our own cultures, religious beliefs, etc. that guide us (or confuse us). What would be a “right” answer for me, might not work for you. Besides, it is good to go within for answers because the more we do that, the stronger in inner guidance becomes. ❤ hugs, pat


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