Only One Truth

I stand before you
in awe of the truth
for it is rarely seen, indeed.
O, we hear lots of things
men call “truth”
but it is but ashes on the tongue.

How arrogant we are
to say we know what’s true.
Did you see a burning bush?

The only truth we know
is that we know absolutely nothing
only suppositions, conjectures
wishful thinking
illusion of religions, philosophy
gurus, those who think they
have been enlightened.

Many names we have
for truth: Divine
Light, Matrix, Creator
Source of All
and others.

What if this is the only truth:
There is nothing other than He
and He is Love.
All else is illusion.

All our trials and tribulations
our self-deceptive importance
are dreams
children playing in a sandbox
quickly passing thoughts, fantasies.

There is none besides Him.
This is the Truth.

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5 Responses to Only One Truth

  1. Sajeevs blog says:

    How true – There is only 1 truth – inspiring!


  2. speak766 says:

    Beautiful! Very inspiring


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