Tongue–the Ruler

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How despicable do I become
when I let my tongue rule me
spitting words of anger
resentment, envy, self-pity.

Yet even this time
can be used to bring
me closer to my Lord
who shows me
how to let go
of these dark words
choosing instead
His path of love.

How blessed
is the One of All.

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5 Responses to Tongue–the Ruler

  1. Hikari Yori says:

    How is this different from speaking out? Because some people are fault-finding and refuse to understand my difficulties.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Intention is always a good way to measure. It also helps when we get to the point that we do not need other people’s good opinion. hugs, pat


      • Hikari Yori says:

        Thanks Pat. How do I say it in a better way? How to improve this “Thank you for your kind intention. However, I disagree with you. If I am the boss, I want my employees to enjoy and engage with their work. Then I will be happy.”

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  2. Thank you for the reminder. It gets harder every day.


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