How Long to Live?

Is longevity a blessing or a curse
living past all whom we love
unless, of course, we make
new friends along the way?

We ask very old people
what the secret is to
their many years
as if a great gift
has been bestowed.
I wonder how old we’d
choose to be
if that was up to us?

Would the fools be
the ones who opt out early
or those who stay
to eternity?

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2 Responses to How Long to Live?

  1. Michael says:

    I often hear people telling me that smoking my half a pack of cigarettes will kill me. I thank them for their projection upon me, but I happily decline it.
    Always finishing with;
    Want to hear a secret? And of course they do.
    So I look them squarely in the eyes and say;
    None of us get out of here alive…
    Live is about living and experiencing life. I love to eat good food and watch the stars at night.
    I enjoy life as much as I can.
    Others, workout, run, speedwalk, eat protein powder and sure they have a better body, but are they happier because of it.
    I chose life over longevity…
    Thanks for the post.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thank-you for your thoughts, Michael. We each must make our own choices in how we want to live our lives and have no right to dictate to others, especially in areas that do not concern us. hugs, pat

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