World of Inequities

I live in a land of fat people
while others are starving worldwide.
Should we all feel guilty
refuse a second helping?
In truth, how can we help
this inequity in life?

We give money, volunteer
form food banks, protest
the corruption that
siphons off everything
of value leaving devastation
poverty, hunger desperation.

And in the end, nothing
changes and we’re left
with guilt and frustration
wondering about a god
and mankind who let
little children die of hunger
in a world of inequities.

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5 Responses to World of Inequities

  1. johncoyote says:

    Very hard to understand. We will spend 1.2 trillion on war and very little on human care and concern.


  2. JanBeek says:

    Where’s the sad button when I need it? Where’s the “frustrated” button, or at least “agree” rather than “like.” Where’s the easy solution? All absent!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Is God a just God, a God of Love? So many “why” questions we want to ask. But I keep going back to the one thing that I absolutely, unshakably believe: The God of my heart is pure Love. I can not begin to understand His plan so must trust that things are as they are and that the madness of the world, the inequities are present to teach us how to love, to be compassionate, to have faith. hugs, pat

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