Pieces of the Puzzle

Piece by piece
the picture forms
puzzle pieces that
seem ill shaped
are finally fitted
into their place
a perfect fit
that without
would have left
the picture incomplete.

Each of us regardless
of shade or color
is a piece of the puzzle
searching for where
we belong ultimately
part of God’s beautiful
picture called “Life.”


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4 Responses to Pieces of the Puzzle

  1. chris jensen says:

    God will drop a coin in a drug addict hat, then said drug addicts ODs, none the less starving single mother struggling to feed their kids, he does nothing?

    Hell, ifinn i don see the point..



    • Pat Cegan says:

      I also have many “why” questions but I find that I either believe that life has a purpose or it is one big losing crapshoot. I live with more serenity believing that there is much we do not understand. Ultimately, we must trust that life has a purpose, or not. I do and also believe that there is a loving Force behind it. But each must decide what helps them to live the life they want or need. hugs, pat

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