Living in Awe

The quantity of joy
is measured by
the depths of our gratitude.

Gratitude is but a way
of seeing the world
as an endless blessing
where sadness does not exist
only burgeoning wonder.

How does one live in awe
when life is mundane?
Light sparkles on floors
needing to be cleaned
in cobwebs
change shadows to fairies.

Wonder comes with a willingness
to become a state of joy
where all becomes
the Light of Love.

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2 Responses to Living in Awe

  1. Pat, this poem, while beautifully written disturbs me. I hope it is okay for me to discuss it with you. If I am missing the boat on this, please let me know. I am fearful that it is a hesitancy to see the true value of spirituality and the intense love God has for us, His creation. If the “quantity of joy” may often be “measured by the depth of our gratitude” we are missing the ‘proverbial’ boat, the whole point of His life on earth, His suffering and His death would be unnecessary As you know, He created us in His image which includes so much, probably His form which is only something we can surmise, but goes along with the Hebrew of the words involved; then there is not only the physical aspect of our creation but the way the body works, including the mind and the spirit. And also by the grace of God His Spirit was left with us when Jesus, who is now the Christ, ascended back to His home in heaven. Of course we have earthly joys, but we have to admit that there are problems there. Earthly joy can turn to pain by many paths. That is pain and grief that we have to get through and if we know Him as He wants us to know Him the Spirit guides us through that difficulty.
    The other point comes from another line “how does one live in awe when life is mundane?” We do that because the promise, the gift is still there. It is a thankfulness for each day for what is and for the His presence. There are so many small things of which we can be in awe: the birth of a baby, the opening of a flower, the sound of birds singing and water running or lapping onto the shore, the comfort of a roof over our head, clothes to wear, food to eat; it is difficult to envision because we are not currently subject to these things…but do we realize how many are not so blessed?
    It has been said that if one is unappreciative of small things, he or she will also fail to see the beauty in later things. Happiness doesn’t come from ‘things’ it needs to come from the joy of salvation, the life that left heaven for us, the life that suffered for us, the life that is praying for us as the Holy Spirit directs the way. Awe is a tremendous possession for the Christian. God Bless.


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