God Speaks

Does God speak to us?
Is our intuition a nudge from the Lord?
Co-incidences, serendipity
wishful thinking or God guiding?

We want absolutes in our life
give me proof so I can have faith
now there is a spiritual oxymoron.

We have choices about
how our life will be
or do we?
What exactly can I control
in my life?

Seems like the main thing
I can decide is how I will
react to what happens.

The other day, I got angry
out-of-control, crazy angry.
I could observe myself reacting
in a way I did not want
no matter how justified.
So I decided I did not
want this anger
and began to do what
I know clears anger for me
physically , mentally, spiritually.

I could forgive the person who
created the situation, ask
him to forgive my outburst
forgive myself for losing my temper
and thank God for the lesson.

finally serenity

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