She’s Gone

She’s gone
pushed away
with a thousand
unkind words
forgotten tenderness
whispered lies.

She’s gone
leaving you with
a bottomless hole
of regret
yet adding another stone
to that wall around
your heart.

How does one heal
an unfixable soul
too riddled with
self-hate to let go
and accept love
offered by He who
forgives all, loves all?

Grace grants reprieve
removes walls
fills bottomless holes
changes self-hate
to love.

Grace given
leaving us with
the decision to take
or remain in the prison
of our own making.

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4 Responses to She’s Gone

  1. arvl says:

    Beautiful!,love is like a wave,when it comes it is “everything” when it goes “nothing “

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  2. chris jensen says:

    Reblogged this on crjen1958 and commented:
    Human lov


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  3. chris jensen says:

    Good morning, Pat!

    Human lov within society




    Hugs chris

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