You Can’t Breathe Money

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You breathe what the tree
exhales and she breathes
the air you exhale.
You are Siamese twins
connected through life.
Cut down the tree
and you die, too.

Our bodies are predominately
water. Spoil our water sources
and drink the poison we
cast into those waters.

Without clean air
we die—not maybe
but surely
yet we fill the air
water, soil with
toxic substances
and die from diseases
brought on by our
own greed.

You cannot
breathe money
nor eat greed
you cannot
drink indifference.

Only love supports life
respect guards the
lands, water and air.
Only love will change
the destructive path
of man’s insatiable greed.

Let us capture the
whispers of the winds
attune our hearts
to the message they bring:

Care for and love Mother Nature
have compassion and respect
for all life.
Be in tune with who you are
that part of you
which composes the matrix
of all life.

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