Treasures in the Dumpster

Thrown away treasures
dumpster diving for
what others no longer want
yard sales, church bazaars
we have such an excess
while others lack
the basics
surely this should not be.

I try to live with minimum belongs
but still find excess regularly.
Now I go through my things
and give away all that
I’m not using or do not need.
Next I need to learn
not to acquire these things
to begin with.

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3 Responses to Treasures in the Dumpster

  1. Yes often our throw always are someone else’s treasure finds.. We often hold on to too much.. And this is a great reminder …
    I did throw away 2 large sack bags mid week of clothes and books for Help the Aged Charity..
    It created space, and allows the giving always makes me feel brighter… 🙂
    Lovely poem 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, it is a good thing to do…share what we do not use, need, or want. Better yet, to not buy in the first place. Having lived where there is great poverty I have become so aware of the excess spending we do in privilege countries. I used to be the original Modonna’s Material Girl but now I see how unimportant STUFF really is. Nice to see you here, Sue. I wandered around in your blog this morning and loved watching to Hope Prophesies and other American Indian wisdom videos there. Powerful truths they offer us. Nice to be back in touch with you again. I do not spend nearly enough time with other people’s blogs. My own keeps me so busy plus my failing eye sight limits my time as well. Your blog begs me to read more so hopefully I will be back now that the bread crumbs are in place. hugs, pat

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      • Oh that’s wonderful Pat.. 🙂 And it is so good to be back in touch again after I lost touch.. And I am happy you had a little browse around Dreamwalker’s 🙂
        I think as we mature both physically and spiritually we see that we do not need the material, only the basics, and not only do we have too much material baggage, but we carry around too much mental baggage as well..
        So, its good to lighten our loads 🙂 Much Love xx


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