The Vastness of This World

How far can I stretch
my find before I cannot
perceive any more
when even the effort
to expand my
understanding leaves
me trembling in awe?

The vastness of the ocean
its depth and power
reflecting the enormity
of the sky where uncountable
universes filled with stars
without number, all of this
and more—how can I perceive
the greatness of this
world without end?

Then this tiny mind of mine
tries to think about You
whatever, whoever You are
Creator? Divine Matrix?
names from all religions
none can define You
understand Your enormity
and yet I, with this
limited mind, know You
love me, guide me.

This I know
without a waver
can’t explain it to others
don’t even need to
for it is a knowing of the soul
that part of me that
expands into where
the mind cannot go.

I know
and in knowing
am at peace.

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