Our Mistakes


I made a mistake
a big one.
Will I learn from it
or do it again?

Screw-ups, blunders, errors
present opportunities to learn.
If we ignore the lesson
it will come again and again.

The choice is ours
to accept the lesson or not.
Just remember, Dear Ones
the lesson will come again
sometimes in a
harder form.

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5 Responses to Our Mistakes

  1. chris jensen says:

    Damn, Pat..

    i hate the truth!

    i’m always learning the hard way?

    hugs & kisses chris


  2. Loved this one Pat because it’s something we all think about but rarely for long enough and rarely with enough insight to actually make change the next time around. I have often wished I did not make for example, emotional mistakes. I can handle getting a test question wrong 😉 but an emotional mistake has you beating yourself up because you feel you ‘should’ have known and learned from prior experience. Very well written!


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