Call the Light


There is Light
life force of love
call for this light
to illuminate your path
give you a strength
guide and protect you
fill you with healing energy.

Where there is light
there is the Divine.
There is love.
Call for the Light
in all you do.


      I’ve always wondered
      why God made black roses
      perhaps to let us know
      that there can be beauty
      in the darkest times.

      I no longer wish for sunny days
      having learned that those
      bruise-purple times offer
      a wisdom if I’m willing
      to receive this shadowed duality.

      Yes, sometimes a part of me dies
      amputated, left behind.
      In that void can sprout
      a path that leads me
      ever forward toward
      the cycle of light
      where once again
      it’s sunny and bright.


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