Which Is Better?


Which is better
to give or receive?
Would you rather
give me your ice cream cone
on a hot summer day
or have me give you mine?

We are by nature
takers not givers.
Even those who give
sometimes give
in the hopes of receiving.
Haven’t we all felt
disappointed, angry, betrayed
when we’ve reached out
for help and few, if any

There is a joy in giving
helping others has a special
reward of the soul.
One can only learn this critical
life lesson
by experiencing it…by helping
others. Start today, help a neighbor
friend, stranger. Do volunteer work
Learn what it means
“It’s more blessed
to give than receive.”

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3 Responses to Which Is Better?

  1. todo lo que das vuelve tarde o temprano ya sea lo malo o lo bueno, todo tiene devolución


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