half a promise
mostly a put off
used when afraid to say, “no”

Maybe is a cowardly word
we use when we don’t
want to make
a decision or commitment.

Or maybe you don’t agree?

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3 Responses to Maybe

  1. Probably not cowardly Pat. Cowardly seems to be a decision that has been made, and usually a ‘no’. Mind you, if I ask you to come break some windows with me, and you are afraid to say no because you want to be accepted by me, and so you say yes…then that is cowardly also. A not standing in your truth moment.
    I think ‘maybe’ is just a fear…of hurting someone else or ourselves…a sitting on the fence if you will…but then, if you stay on the fence, maybe it is just being cowardly to ourselves by not making a decision.
    The plot thickens 😀


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