Switzerland. get natural. The Lauterbrunnen valley in the Bernese Oberland with the 300 m high Staubbach Falls. Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Das Lauterbrunnental im Berner Oberland mit dem 300 m hohen Staubbachfall. Suisse. tout naturellement. La vallee de Lauterbrunnen dans l'Oberland bernois avec la cascade de Staubbach de 300 m de hauteur. Copyright by Switzerland Tourism By-line: ST/swiss-image.ch

or is it “no?”
Well, maybe no?
How is it that
some are so certain
while I am so unsure?

I’ve learned that
it is not always best
to be so sure
for it closes the door
to other possibilities.

So, for today, I’m going to be
a little wishy-washy
and you can be, too.

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