No Loss


You cannot lose
what you never had.
We come with nothing
and leave the same.
We fool ourselves
that all in between
is ours for all time.

You want what’s mine?
Take it for I know
nothing I have is
or ever was mine.

If you take this object
of illusion, you will
not be richer for
you cannot take
what I never had.
Foolish One, you will be
without the same as me.

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7 Responses to No Loss

  1. Harish KP says:

    Nice one. Nice blog


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thanks for honoring Source of Inspiration with your reblog. Please feel free to reblog as often as you wish. These Source poems are meant to be shared with all. hugs, pat


  2. briannadawn says:

    I absolutely love this one!


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