Old People


I always liked old people
how strange I am one
though I don’t
keep my teeth in a glass
by my bed
smartphone and Internet
I can use
yet I’d rather
sit and chat with you instead

Has the art of conversation been lost
we talk with our fingers all day
clicking instant messages
“like” buttons and selfies
think I liked it better
the old fashion way

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4 Responses to Old People

  1. laurabon says:

    beautifully written

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  2. chris jensen says:

    More human,

    kisses chris

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  3. Great poem. I agree with you. However blogging means we can reach more people through our creativity and enjoy other people’s work. I love connecting with people from all over the world. I couldn’t possibly visit everyone and share coffee. Virtually I can now. I enjoy the traditional ways of meeting up too of course. 🙂

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