Getting Better


We are getting better at war
able to kill more, faster
with less risk to ourselves
what an accomplishment!

New technology allows us
to cut down forests faster
extinguishing species
of plants and animals
with greater rapidity
creating wastelands
wherever we go
getting better and better
at destruction
until even we are
gone, too.

Imagine what we could
do if all those resources
were used to replenish
the earth, care for all
life here, create a
sustainable world
where love provided
all that was needed.

This is not a hopeless
dream, Dear Ones
but a choice each
of us must make real.
Day-by-day we create
our dream by our choices.
What will yours be today?

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2 Responses to Getting Better

  1. Morgan says:

    Yes just imagine. I often wonder why we focus our energy on the negative instead of the positive, but I suppose that is our base nature, which allows us room to grow IF we Choose to.


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