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Where is home?
Why is it home?
What is it like for those
who have no home, who
somehow seem outcasts
unworthy, even causing
us to fear them?

What does it say about
a society which has many
empty houses and families
living on the street?
Thousands of homeless
children fight to survive
in cities too indifferent
to care?

H ome is something we all need
O pen your hearts to those in need
M ake space in your home for those who have no home
E very day be grateful for all you have and share



According to the United Nations, 150,000,000 children below the age of 18 are living on the streets of our cities. Manila, has the largest homeless population of any city in the world – 3.1 million. Even the United States, often said to be the wealthiest country has thousands of homeless children, e.g., Los Angeles, California. Total homeless: 41,174.New York, New York. Total homeless: 75,323.

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