How the Story Ends


When I see
a herd of cattle
I know they will
end up being eaten.

I wonder if their
life in green pastures
is better than
never being born
regardless of how
the story ends.

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4 Responses to How the Story Ends

  1. Yes Pat. been a long time.


  2. They’d be eaten in the wild, too 😉.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      sigh…true. Or never exist which seems even more sad. I have spent a lifetime debating with myself the issue of eating animals. After many years of being a vegetarian, I eat meat now, but the issue is still strong for me as I also have a special connection with animals, live on a game preserve with animals as my companions. We can be much more humane is the care and slaughter of food animals, but atrocities still exist. I do not offer an answer, only share my own ambivalence about the issue.
      hugs, pat

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