Kernel of Truth


Sometimes we feel
we have more
than we can bear
pain, sorrow, loss
fear, worry
yet somehow
we reach deep within
and find the strength
to overcome.

People are amazingly resilient
able to withstand
to try again
to conquer.
What gives us this
courage, this strength
to overcome?

Each of us must look within
examine our core being.
We must understand what
we need in difficult
times and call upon this
inner strength to
see us through.

For me, that kernel of truth
which brings me back to balance
is a knowing
that our Creator
is always with us
to guide, protect
and love us each
step of the way.

It is His strength
not mine
that gives me
the fortitude, faith
and peace to go
through life’s tribulations

I am loved.
The light of the Lord
guides me at all times.

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  1. Deep and satisfying


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