Taking My Time


Taking my time now
step a little slower
no need to rush
or worry
life is what it si
not any more
no need to rush
as I always did before.

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2 Responses to Taking My Time

  1. Bhaga says:

    The text, although nice, is not really inspiring to me specifically, as there is nothing in it new to me, but what a lovely picture you have chosen for it! Thank you, if only for that…
    Well, those exquisite colors happen to be exactly those I have myself chosen to dress in today (Saturday 7th)!… This shows me, as often one thing or the other in what you publish, that some inner connection between us is still there… which prompts me to wish you a warm, smiling “Happy New Year 2017, dear Pat.!…” 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thank you for your interesting comments and for your good wishes. I find that revisiting something that I already know sometimes allows me to go deeper in my understanding of the idea. Like an onion, we peal away layers to reveal truths as we are ready for them. Patience, for example, means something quite different to a teenager than it does to his grandmother. Nice to hear from you. May your new year be filled with love and laughter. hugs, pat


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