My Birthday


B egan the celebration
I gnore the wrinkles and sags
R ejoice that I’m still here
T hankful for one more year
H oping my friends join me
D o only kind deeds
A ll birthdays are happy
Y ears are passing so quickly

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13 Responses to My Birthday

  1. Happy b-day, Pat! Mine is on the 9th.


  2. jeenageorge says:

    Happy Birthday….
    So many blessings will come to join with you,
    and make this day and year always smile.
    i am very far from you,
    but i feel to thank you for you are my friend.
    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday…. 🙂


  3. Happy new year. To a good new year


  4. JanBeek says:

    Hope you had a very happy day. God bless you! Happy Birthday 🎶💕


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