What makes me happy
nothing that I can see
except just accepting
who I am, not who
I want to be

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3 Responses to Accepting

  1. chris jensen says:

    Advice to be, or not to be?

    Just funn you…
    That’s all good, if you know whom you are! Nonetheles what if
    you don’t?

    day by day



    • Pat Cegan says:

      no problem, nobody else does either. lol, pat


      • chris jensen says:

        Somebody, gotta have it together,
        the world still turns….

        Hello, Pat!

        i do remember that i owe you a little something about time… I’ve struggle with this time,
        simply because there is always something related steering a theory in different directions, myself i choose to flow in time other cheat, time has puzzle every sentient life form, an even know will not help, nonetheless, information, is like gold or programmable metal..


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