Finally Free

Older people laughing

Old age can be golden
time to reflect
sit in the sun
old enough to care
but not to worry
time to spread
joy and laughter
happiness everywhere.

People talk about losses
we experience as we grow old
yet it is more a letting go
poor memory, vision
walk a little slower
they don’t bother me
for old age brings
peace, gratitude
time to savor each moment
to know I’m finally free.

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11 Responses to Finally Free

  1. Pingback: This is so good….old age means I’m closer to seeing my Lord, sometimes I want it like right now! Finally, not alone anymore. – My gypsy life

  2. Coming up to my 70th birthday, I am determined to make this my mantra Pat. I am finally going to let the worry and weight of al my responsibilities go and just enjoy every minute of what life is left to me. If I can spread happiness I will but I am not going to let other people offload their guilt/anger/misery/greed on to me any longer.
    A lovely post as always and the photo of that beautiful child is a true treasure.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      I am 73 and love this time of my life. It was a well kept secret how rewarding and interesting the final part of one’s life can be. My teenage granddaughter teases me about being old but I would not trade her drama filled life for mine for a minute. Glad you are enjoying this time, too. hugs, pat ❤

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  3. Veena says:

    Hi! This a lovely post .


  4. eu51 says:



  5. Beautiful to see that you share a new perspective to getting older (and in your case wiser!) I love your positivity! Have a great Christmas time!


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