My Tree


Two mangoes on my tree
first fruit the new tree gives to me
I watch as they grow
like a mom with a new babe
and think that this tree
will be here long after I’ve gone
giving her fruit to all
who come to sit beneath her boughs.

Planting trees have become
a love of mine
teaching others to do the same
a sweet sharing.
We often think there is
not much we can do to
reverse the destruction
man is causing but
each of us can plant trees
where we live
so that the future
is filled with forests again.

Give your child
a tree to plant today
so he or she will learn
the joy of watching
it grow, sharing its fruit
and shade, being
one with nature.

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2 Responses to My Tree

  1. I love this! I planted forty hibiscus trees, two orange trees, magnolia and an avocado tree when I lived in Florida.


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