Is There a God?


Can’t prove God exists
or even that He doesn’t
but I do not need this proof
for I find my life is
more peaceful, richer
believing there is a Divine Force
that loves and guides us
so each day I say
“Good morning, God”
and feel grateful to know
He’s always close by.

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4 Responses to Is There a God?

  1. What the mind can conceive it can achieve. If we try to conjure a thought of a thing not known to any human we can’t help but fail. We create from the things available that we have knowledge of through an innate ability to do so.
    Yet, I can conceive in my mind God; who has revealed Himself throughout man’s history. God who alone, out of love, can conceive from original thought something from nothing.
    We are because He is.
    Merry Christmas


  2. E tão fácil explicar a existência de DEUS que não se faz nem necessário, basta olhar a natureza e o universo tudo que não é obra do homem é obra de DEUS porque nada se faz por acaso…….(Difícil é explicar a sua origem e natureza).


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