Love Isn’t Enough


Love is not enough
if the child dies of hunger.
Don’t say it, do it.

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11 Responses to Love Isn’t Enough

  1. Alesia Taylor says:

    Thought provoking. You are so right.


  2. Harlon says:

    A very timely and powerfully expressed sentiment. I agree, that the natural response is for people to nod their head and say this is wrong, but if we acted on this, on an individual level that creates a ripple effect, then globally this problem can be solved. How do we motivate people to do so? I don’t know. One person at a time, I am making a commitment to make a donation to UNICEF, maybe others will follow – or do you think there is a better solution? Peace and hope, Harlon


    • Pat Cegan says:

      I see that there are poor people everywhere, even in the riches areas. I have done a lot of volunteer work gathering excess food and distribution it to the needy. Check your area and help groups doing things like this is one possibility. But there are others. Contributions are always needed but you will be enormously blessed if you actually do some of this loving work as well. Thanks for writing. I hope your words inspire others to get involved. hugs, pat

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  3. johncoyote says:

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    Powerful and real words by a talented writer. Please read and spread.


  4. johncoyote says:

    I agree. Silence help is meaningless. Scary part. USA had so many who have nothing to eat also.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Indeed they do. Even 20 years ago I volunteered in a soup kitchen in Orlando Florida. We fed more than 500 men a day in a city with Disney and all the wealth it represents. I urge everyone to get involved in their area and help in whatever way they can. The money being spent on wars could feed the world many times over. We have the resources, we just need the love in our hearts. hugs, pat

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