The ability to keep going with
all odds against you is an
admirable virtue. Sheer determination
has overcome many circumstances that
would normally daunt the soul. How
does one call up the ability to try
again and again? Where does this
strength come from?

I have always admired this
virtue and, indeed, have over-
come some difficult circumstances
with determination. But I have
also learned to let go, that
sometimes the time is not right,
or perhaps what I am wanting to
do is not right for me in some
way I can not see yet. Now, I
temper my determination with the
understanding that life unfolds
in mystical ways, and if I work
within its rhythm, I am carefully
guided along the path that is best for me.

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3 Responses to Virtue–Determination

  1. raiyankamal says:

    Appropriate for a thick skulled stubborn person like me, thank you 🙂


  2. Anton Jarrod says:

    So many things are important; determination is indeed one of them!


  3. Really fantastic message–so inspiring and wise!!


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