Sculpting in Stone

When I saw Michelangelo’s David, I cried.
It’s enormity and perfection made me want
to kneel in awe. How could a mere man create
such magnificence?

When one sculpts in stone, one must be
aware of its chips and fault lines. The
slightest careless tap can send a chunk
to the floor. Yet with care and attention,
one can create a masterpiece of rare beauty.

Such is life with its difficulties that we
must lovingly work around. Each of us is
a creator sculpting a life that has the
possibility of being a masterpiece.

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5 Responses to Sculpting in Stone

  1. Love the ending, it was a phenomenal poem much love Poetry Inspired:

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  2. Mars says:

    His genius lives on forever. Such a great artist!

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  3. Palestine Rose says:

    Michelangelo, is the greatest, most talented artist that ever lived.

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