Don’t Think About It

“I’ll think about it tomorrow.”
Perhaps I’ll make a list of
all the things I don’t want
to think about, too complicated,
too scary, too sad. But making a
list makes me think about it.
Maybe I’ll burn the list in a
“forgetting ritual,” or bury it.
But how do I keep the items on the
list from popping up like popcorn
in my mind, filling me with dread again?

Round and round I go. The more I don’t
want to think about “it,” the more it
haunts me. I try staying too busy, booze,
sex, music, books, endless conversations to
distract myself. “It” sneaks back. “Go away!”
I cry. I’ll think about it tomorrow!


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5 Responses to Don’t Think About It

  1. Anonymous says:

    quite humorous


  2. Nice post… actually its similar to my present situation and so i could feel connecting to this post of yours..
    Frankly! however we try to keep the thought away from us, it still comes back to us. :/


  3. gigoid says:

    Try disciplining the list….. allow a set time each day to consider each item on the list. When the time is up, the list is then an accomplished task, and will yield more easily to being put back in the drawer where it stays when not in use…. and won’t pop up on you, because it will know when it is time to be out of the drawer… some repetition will help to train both the list, and your own mindfulness…. and, if not, well, it’ll be one more thing to laugh about.. 🙂 Nice post, and the picture is perfect…..


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