We see a disfigured man
begging on the sidewalk,
and think “there but for
the grace of God go I.”
What is the grace of God
and why do I have it and
this man does not?

“Grace–free, unmerited favor
or beneficence of God, an
undeserved kindness” is a
dictionary definition. I,
with my nice home, well
stocked kitchen, people who
love me, have received God’s
grace–“undeserved kindness.”
Lovely. If grace is given to the
undeserved, why is that man
deformed and unloved, destitute?
I am not saying I do not believe
in the grace of God for I do, but
I wonder if the homeless man
can believe in it.

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8 Responses to Grace

  1. chris jensen says:

    Step out of the box old woman!

    Now you know my view, however did understand anything that I’ve sent you about karma?

    Now I do. believe I have said something in an e-mail…

    My siblings an I have been paying for bad karma we’ve created in the future!

    Choke that one down darling…

    hugs Chris


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  3. What a thought-provoking post! It may be hard to see with eyes, but God’s grace is with him, too…


  4. missflamboyante says:

    I love stopping by, I’d always find something that inspires me or makes me think and reflect. This one here is very touching and very truthful!


  5. We are God’s hands and feet. God’s grace can be extended to the poor through us. As we are blessed and receive of His grace, so are we to be a blessing to others. What is happening to the man in the picture is due to the non-use, of people hoarding God’s grace for themselves.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Your raise a very interesting idea. I once had the idea that should I become old and infirm and needed others to care for me, I would not be a “burden,” but rather an opportunity for another person to learn the value of service to others. Thank you for your thought-provoking words. Hugs, pat


  6. Nina says:

    Reincarnation – Hindu Philosophy – provides for an harmonic balance to your valid concerns.

    Suffering may be option in any given life, but over the course of many lives, there will be some lives that are more pleasant or may just have to be endured.

    It is similar to the wiccan/pagan concept of reaping what you sow and a three fold return

    Sometimes the wheel of fortune lifts you up and other times, it grinds you into the mud.

    Each of us is on our own journey, sometimes we connect in the right lifetime and perhaps over many lifetimes.

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  7. siggiofmaine says:

    Thank you…
    many words for thought
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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